Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Yesterday I went into the birth center for a checkup and some blood work.  
The midwife checked my pressure when I was lying on my left side and it was 110/60 something.  That's awesome! Then I sat up for a few minutes and she checked it and it was 136/60 or 70 something.  This reading was high but not really, really high.  It was an improvement from my last apoinment. 
And these two readings point out one very important fact: bed rest 100% works for me. 
I felt so grateful that Margaret, the midwife, decided to check my pressure when I was on my left side first because positive news first is always better than negative.
There was little protein in my urine which is a pretty definite indication that preeclampsia is not developing.  I already figured that.
They also tested my iron levels and got a reading of 10.5 which was up from 10.2.  This is not a "comfortable" range for the midwives as they like that number to be at least 11. 
I purchased another bottle of iron tonic and am now taking it 3 times a day with a whole cup of prune juice. Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasty. Seriously, I hope you never have to try it.
I've also started taking Evening Primrose Oil and some other homeopathics to help my body prepare for labor.
My supply.
I had Kyle snap a few pictures while we were at the birthing center because we never take pictures when we go.  
I still haven't even gotten a picture with Cambria and the midwife and nurse that helped deliver her--I need to get on that. 
The board with all the recently born babies and the soon-to-be mamas.

You can see me!! (with the birthing center's due date which they changed 1/2 through my pregnancy--I still say it's the 24th)

On the couch trying to keep the BP down for the big test.
I love the birthing center so much.  L.O.V.E. 
I always leave there feeling loved, comforted, and just well cared for. It's like a close-knit family and it is such an empowering atmosphere to be in while experiencing pregnancy. 
So, at my appointment we concluded that I need to get serious about taking my iron and continue to rest as much as possible. 
I do not want to jeopardize my chances of being able to deliver there so I'm being pretty strict about my bed rest. 
Yesterday my Dad wasn't working and so he watched Cambria while I was here and when I went for my appointment.  He insisted on watching her.  He's such a sweet "Bopa" to Cam. 

My Dad folding laundry while Cambria ate her lunch. How cute is that?!?
Yesterday was Valentines Day.  It's a silly holiday in my opinion, but I did pick up a present for Cam on my way home from my appointment. Blueberries! I know what my girl likes :) 
Kyle got me and Cambria a raspberry, strawberry, and a blueberry plant.  He too knows the way to our hearts.  Except I didn't want a Valentines Day present so I'm just going to say it was for Cam Cam. I know, I'm silly. :) 
Cam left with my mom at 7:30 this morning and won't be back until after 4:30...I teared up a little watching her wave bye to me when she was leaving.  Mothers who are able to leave their children everyday have a strength I do not possess.
Leaving this morning :(
Took this earlier today after taking a shower.  It had been 2 days since my last one... 38 weeks 5 days


  1. I'm glad you are able to get that blood pressure under control! Make sure you eat/take some vitamin C with all that iron so it will be absorbed by your body. Thinking of you lots! =) Oh and it is nice that Savannah has such a great birthing center. Those are really hard to find, even in big cities.

  2. I can not believe that you posted this two days ago and i have already met the little man! Its so crazy :)