Wednesday, February 23, 2011

One week of life

It's been one week since little Ezra Amos joined our family.  We've all been through a lot this past week. 

On Wednesday morning I gave birth at 38 weeks and 6 days pregnant.  The next day we sold our family car and moved the remainder of our things from my parent's house to our house.  We slept here for the first time that night.  It looked like this at that point. 
We were unprepared in many ways for Ezra's arrival--the huge mess that was our house and his name drama among a few.  Adjusting to having two kids is a learning experience and it's definitely made more complicated when you throw moving into the mix.  Oh, and we are trying to buy a car by next week when Kyle goes back to work so I'm not stranded here car-less during the day.  Needless to say, we feel like the clock is constantly working against us and we are playing a never ending game of catch-up.  We've had lots of visitors which has been nice and has helped break up the blur that has been the last week. 
Cambria has had a few stressful days too.  I think all the change has been hard for her little 18 month old self.  She's gained a brother, switched to a new bed, and moved into a new house all in one week--that's a lot.  She really is being SUCH a cutie with Ezra.  All of her interactions with him are positive; hugs, kisses, playing, sharing...She seems to have nothing but love for him.  The first few days were rough only because she seemed to be ignoring me.  I guess all the stress she was experiencing was directed at me and she really wanted nothing to do with me.  Yes, I had a few breakdowns about this but I kept reassuring myself that she was only adjusting to the new situation and soon we would find our new normal.  Luckily she has come around and has decided I'm not too bad after all. 

Ezra has been a wonderful little son for us this past week during his first 7 days of life.  He pretty much eats, sleeps and poops with an occasional 10-30 minute wakeful time in between.  I really didn't think I was going to have a newborn as easy as Cambria was but by golly it has happened again.  He disrupts my sleep every 3-4 hours by making cute sucking noises, I feed him, and wrap him back up to sleep some more. Easy Peasy.  He seems to have such a lovely disposition already.  I love to just put my face right next to his to kiss and smell him to my heart's content.  I just loooooooooove him.  I have a son and I can't believe it and I am so excited! I will write a post about my birth experience with him sometime soon.  

This past week I've learned/re-learned many things: 
  • not having a microwave makes life difficult 
  • having 2 kids is harder than having 1, but it's not too bad 
  • having dirty feet because your floors are so dirty makes me feel dirty all over 
  • breastfeeding is messy, breast.milk.everywhere 
  • little boys have a special way of melting a mommy's heart 
  • Cambria has real emotions whether she can express them or not
  • having a supportive spouse is a must when times get stressful
  • having people make you food is the best new baby present ever
  • I'm so thankful we live close to family 
  • babies create lots of laundry 
  • labor gets easier the second time around because you know what to expect but "pushing" sucks no matter what
  • nourishing my baby with my own body brings me the greatest joy
  • life with children is good


Me, Ezra, Aunt Amb, Cam, and my Mama

Cambria helped Kyle put our dining room chairs cute!

Proud Daddy of 2

Ezra and Ellie=Future lovebirds

Cam loves the ducks that swim in our backyard.

Kyle and his mini-me. 
Always reading books.
Cutie snoozing on our bed.

Finally got a picture with Nancy, the midwife that help bring our two babies into the world.
I wanted to add more but my computer is being very slow.  Also, I should probably get to bed...
Life is crazy right now but I can't be more thankful for it all. 


  1. Love Ezra, love this post! So happy for yall!!!! =)

  2. Wow! You have SUCH a beautiful family! Cambria has grown up so much and has such pretty hair! And little Ezra is just adorable! So incredibly happy for you and Kyle!

  3. Brandie, I love reading your blog--you're so sweet and genuine in all your posts! Very happy for you and your blossoming family; hope you get settled into your new house shortly :)

  4. I love all the pictures :D

  5. I love the pictures and updates!!

  6. Love reading all your posts Brandie!! You have beautiful kids and I love seeing all your pictures! anddd WELCOME BABY EZRA!