Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Babies are my life

As I started writing this post I looked at the date and realized it is MARCH 1st! Already!! March has really snuck up on me partially due to the fact that February is short but mostly because the days seem to run together for me right now.  I feed Ezra every 1-3 hours during the day and every 2-4 hours at night and this never ending cycle causes me to lose my grasp on the days.  Tomorrow Ezra will be 2 weeks old.  In some respects I can't believe it has been that long but if I'm honest with myself, it has been a loooong 2 weeks.  Mealtimes, baths, poopy diapers, laundry...We've actually been able to venture out into the world several times but I haven't been brave enough to go out on my own yet (mostly because I'm nervous about driving my 2 children in our manual Jetta--me not so good at driving stick).  Diaper changes are crazy when we're out, especially when they're both pooped!!! Cambria's music class is tomorrow though so that's going to force me to leave on my own, luckily it's only for an hour.

Ezra is being the sweetest little baby, still.  I think he is the perfect little newborn, even more so than I had previously thought Cambria was.  He is content all the time and if he does get a little tired or hungry he is easily soothed.  I can just put my face right up to his when he's crying during a diaper change and he almost always stops--what a sweet boy!  I love to watch him sleep and watch all the little faces he makes.   He "smiles" a lot when he sleeps and yesterday he kept making this giggling noise-it was adorable.  Kyle and I were discussing whether we think the rest of the world is dramatic when it comes to having a new baby or if we have just truly been blessed with two not so horrible newborns.  I think we just got lucky.  We also discussed whether the birth environment our children have been born into has had any role in shaping their temperaments--folks at the birthing center would probably argue "YES!!"  Either way, I hope Ezra keeps his disposition and continues to allow me to get sleep at night.   Have I mentioned that I looooove him?

Right after Ezra's umbilical cord stump fell off and onto the floor (2/27--11 days old)
When I'm taking care of Ezra and feeding him and changing his diapers I keep thinking about the fact that one day he is going to be a man.  I feel so lucky to be his mother and to be caring for him during these precious days in his life.  He is my son and all that I want for him is to become a good and happy human being.  I keep telling Kyle I NEVER want to treat him different or expect less or more from him just because he is a boy, at least when it comes to all the important things.  I want to teach both my children kindness, sincerity, creativity, empathy and compassion for others no matter their gender.   I hope we can do this.
Big sister and little brother with his adorable octopus shirt from Jessie.

Kyle went back to work yesterday so it's only been two days, but I think the three of us are already finding a schedule.  Between diaper changes and feedings there have been a few stressful situations where both my children have needed me at the same time.  I try to keep my cool and deal with the most important issue first.  My main goal throughout the day is trying to have one-on-one time with both children.  Cambria deserves my undivided attention and so does Ezra, easier said than done but I've made it work the last few days. 

In our natural environment-Cam with embarrassing pants eating, me on my phone, Ezra chilling on my chest.
Tomorrow I want to write Ezra's birth story...hopefully I can find the time.  And I also want to give some updates on the progress we've made with the house....again, when I find the time.  Oh and I want to write my thoughts about breastfeeding in the beginning before I forget everything like I did with Cam...again, time is the key here.

Thanks to everyone who has written a comment on the blog or on Facebook.  Your sweet thoughts and words make both Kyle and I very happy! We love you guys!!

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  1. i love cambria's embarrassing pants. is she dressing herself yet? mom said i used to put on grey sweatpants and black patten shoes and go everywhere. after a while she stopped caring :)