Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ezra is 1 month!

Happy 1 month birthday Ezra Amos! 

I can't believe Ezra has already experienced his first month of life.  It feels like I was just pregnant and wondering whether baby #2 was a little boy or a girl. But boy oh boy I could not be happier about having this little guy in my life.  I know I would have been excited about having either, but he really seems like the perfect sibling for Cambria. 

I can't imagine it any other way now. 

A lot has changed for our family over the last month but the one consistent thing has been having him by my side the entire time.  He has already seemed to develop a very strong attachment to me.  I like this for some reasons and not for others.  I want him to know me as his mother and food source, but I also want to be able to feel comfortable leaving him if I need to.  And I want Kyle to be able to soothe him when he cries.  

Ezra is still sleeping a lot, both day and night.  During the day he'll have an hour or two of wakeful time then nap for an hour or so.  He sleeps through the night from about 10 p.m.- 8 or 9 waking every 3-4 hours to eat.  He rarely cries during the night and has an easy time going right back to sleep. I pump after feeding him at night which keeps me up longer but I don't mind too much as long as I can take a nap every other day or so.

Right now, he doesn't mind getting a bath and sleeps whenever he is in his car seat. He has the cutest smile which will appear at random times when he is sleeping.  My favorite piece of clothing on him is his octopus shirt and I love his little cloth diapered tooshie, except when his sensitive skin gets irritated.  I try to give him lots of diaper-free time to help with that.  I love the little hairs on his head and the way he smells.  I love that he is Cambria's little brother.  I love that he's my son.  

Can't wait to see what the coming months will bring!


  1. I thought about him the other day and realized he was a month old already, crazy! That's an adorable picture of him. Little babies are growing too fast :(

  2. I was tickled when I read that your favorite little Ezra shirt is the octopus one!!