Tuesday, March 15, 2011

lots of pictures

We've been busy as ever here around the Finnegan household.  
The funny thing is, I haven't actually left the house in two days except for our little outings to the park and around the neighborhood.  
I stay busy during the day and can't believe how quickly the days fly by.  
Thursday is St. Patrick's day and since we live in Savannah (huge celebration) Kyle's last day of work for the week is tomorrow.  Yay! 
Not sure if Ezra and I will be going to the parade but we'll see.  
We went for a family run tonight and it felt amazing.  Even though I'm going nonstop during the day I still feel like I need and want to start running again.  It's good for my soul, really.  Plus it's nice knowing I don't have to feel too bad about pigging out on chocolate banana bread all day.  (that's gotta stop soon)
 Here are some of my favorite pictures from the last week or so. 
He loves his baths- only cries when we take him out.
2 week check-up with Dr. Ramos.  LOVE him.  Never realized how important your choice of pediatrician is until we met him.
Mimi with her grandkids :)
Big stretchy
yawns and kisses
Our daily chore, taking care of the cloth diapers
My b-e-a-utiful sissy
Waffles with strawberries and homemade whipped cream

Picnic in the park
Kisses + nursing
My mom showed up and took a family picture for us.  Kyle can use our new Moby Wrap too!
Seriously, she had no idea these bubble were on her head.

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  1. Brandie, I swear to you, Dr. Ramos was our pediatrician in Savannah/RH. I'm gonna check with my mom. But that name was a FLASHBACK to my past. :)