Monday, February 7, 2011

House Madness, 18 months, and pregnancy--whew!

Cambria trying to put her pacifier in Daddy's mouth.
Dang, this weekend was exhausting.  
Kyle has practically painted our entire house with a little bit of my help. 
It's really hard not being able to paint right along with him (baby in belly), but I've done lots of the prep work and maybe just a litttttle bit of painting....
We moved everything yesterday and with the help of my dad, Kyle's dad, and my dad's friend, everything was moved from my parent's house and our storage unit in just a few short hours.  
It was nice that the moving process didn't take long, but it's just a stark reminder that we lack so many things.
But again, we are going to take this whole process slow. 
One project at a time and one room at a time. 
Once baby #2 arrives, we will be at even more of a standstill.
I keep saying that as long as we are comfortable and have our basic necessities all the decorating and serious arrangement will happen in time.  
We were so busy with our closing last week, we didn't even get to celebrate Cambria's half birthday. 
Last year, I got her some flowers and a cupcake. She was only 6 months then and now she's 18! She is becoming such a toddler. 
I know that when the baby is born she is going to seem so old!
Big girl blowing our her candles.
Now at 18 months with only one remaining pigtail.
I'm going to post some pictures of the house once we start getting things a little organized.  
It's looking a little crazy right now.
While Kyle was painting, we took a few belly pictures. 
At my appointment on Thursday the midwife discovered that the baby still hasn't positioned him or herself head down and low.  If this doesn't change by next week, I'll head to the chiropractor to see if a few adjustments do the trick. 

37 weeks and getting bigger everyday. 

Working hard.

This post seems so sporadic, but that's how our life is right now. 
Moving, parenting, pregnancy--it's a lot!  I'm enjoying all of it though :) 


  1. Congrats on the new house! I can't wait to see everything you guys do to it! Enjoy it and definitely take things slow...owning a house and making it a home is a slow, long, and FUN process. We have been in our house well over a year now and are still making changes, decorating, and painting..and will be for years to come!

  2. Brandie, Cambria is absolutely precious & you look GREAT- all belly!! Do you feel like this pregnancy has flown by?! I can't believe you guys are so close to meeting Baby Finnegan #2 :)