Thursday, February 16, 2012

Birthday Boy

You rockin' on your birthday.
Ezra Amos Finnegan! 
Today you turned 1.
Happy Birthday!

The things I will remember most from the past year:
:: Your birth.  It was much easier and different than Cambria's. 
:: Your strong attachment to me.  You prefer me over anyone and quite honestly, I love it. 
:: You sleeping in our bed.  There have been very few nights during the past year that you haven't made your way into our bed.  
:: Your "bad" sleeping habits.  In the past 365 days you've slept through the night once.  As you can imagine, there have been many stressful nights and sleepy mornings this past year.
:: Your bald little head.  You were born with hardly any hair and still have very little of it.  I think it's pretty cute. 
:: Watching you learn from and play with Cambria.  You two really have a genuine love for one another.  Having a sibling is so very special. 
:: Breastfeeding.  We've had many successful months with it and I feel very fortunate for that.
:: Watching you grow. You already weigh over 20 pounds.  Crazy to think you were only 7 lbs 14 oz when you were born! 
:: Your sensitive skin.  Since day 1 your skin has been very sensitive and I'm hoping you outgrow it. 
:: Your eating habits.  If you love something you will devour it and want more and more and more, but if you don't like something you'll hardly touch it.  
:: Your blue eyes. You get lots of compliments on them. 
:: My deep love for you.  It's true that you love your children equally, but for me, I love you two differently.  I love you in such a special and one-and-only kinda way.  You're my little prince. 

Happy Birthday my sweet son.