Saturday, February 11, 2012

Running for Sherry

Today I participated in a virtual run. 

On January 7th, Sherry Arnold was kidnapped by two men on her morning run in the small town of Sidney, Montana.  She was only a mile from her house.  She was a high-school teacher, a wife and a mother.  I found out about her through a blog I follow, Shut up + Run.  I was deeply saddened by her story and I just couldn't get her off my mind for many days after her disappearance.  I obviously didn't know Sherry, but I was so maddened and disgusted by the evil of those two men who have since confessed to killing her. 

And then I found out about the virtual run for her.  There is evil in this world, but I think there is more good.  I felt anger and sadness over this situation, but I knew this run could bring hope and healing to so many people. And I 100% believe in the power of collective positivity. 

My bib, "Running for Sherry"
Cambria started me off with "1, 2, 3 GO!"
So today I ran 3.1 miles in Sherry's honor and memory.  On my run I thought about Sherry and her family.  I hoped for healing and closure for those who loved her most.  And I wished that she could know how many people around the world were running at the exact same time, all with her on their minds. Amazing.  

You were loved today, Sherry!


  1. This is really beat Brandie :) love how big your heart is! -- Marybeth

  2. She definitely has one of the biggest hearts <3