Thursday, February 9, 2012

February in Savannah

I always complain about the weather here in southeast Georgia.  It's unbearably hot and humid in the summer, the summer including May-September.  Literally, you can't go outside for more than a few minutes before you begin sweating.  And then the winters are so so mild.  60's and'70's and NEVER any snow. Yes, there are a FEW days when the temperature doesn't rise about 50 or so, but most days it's on the warmer side.  But recently I had an epiphany.  The weather here in Savannah is horrible in the summer, but it's actually quite nice in the winter.  I'd love to have some freezing cold days with inches and inches of snowfall, but that weather isn't very conducive to enjoying outdoor activities.  And the kids and I are outside almost daily.  So, I've decided to stop complaining and start enjoying the fact that I can take my children outside almost everyday for a solid 6 months.  

And speaking of being outside, on Sunday the city of Savannah had it's annual Super Museum Sunday.  All of the museums and historical sites in the Savannah area were free!  And us peeps in this household love anything that has the word free in it. :)  Of course we used every second of time to squeeze in as much free stuff as possible.

We started on Tybee at the lighthouse.  We thought it would be fun to walk up to the top...but it turned out to be a bust because the lighthouse is under construction. 
So we drove over to the aquarium on Tybee. The aquarium is tiny and it took about 5 minutes to walk through the whole thing, so we hung out on the beach for a little while.

They LOVED the beach.  We need to go more again before it gets hot. 

I don't really like the beach, but it was actually really nice in February.
Beach girl.
We then headed to Oatland Island.  Typical us didn't pack a lunch, so we unfortunately had to eat at Sonic. (yeah, kinda gross) Cambria got her first and maybe last kids meal toy with her meal.  After we ate we had a fun time walking around and visiting all the animals.  Oatland Island is a pretty cool place if you've never been.
Ezra's footsie.
Ezra creepin.
Lots of animals!
They passed out in between Oatland Island and the Railroad Museum.
We finished the day with a train ride at the Georgia State Railroad Museum.  We were all exhausted by this point, as you can imagine.  My mom and dad were out visiting museums that day too so we met up with them for the ride.
Ezra's exhaustion is so obvious in the picture.
Same with Cambria in this one.
It was a great day to be outside in 70 degree weather in February.

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  1. Sounds like you would like the Northwest... stays between 50-75° allllllllll year!