Friday, March 9, 2012


Do you like beets? Do you hate them? Are you not sure? Either way, you HAVE to try this borscht recipe I made earlier this week.  After trying borscht that was actually made with beef broth {didn't know until after, oops!} I knew I wanted to try to make a vegetarian version that was just as tasty.  So I stumbled upon this recipe on theKitchn and decided to give it a try.  It was a HUGE success!!! I'm now seriously obsessed with the recipe and will probably be making it again very soon.  I don't want to post the ingredients or the directions because I'm not sure if I can do that so just follow the links. 
It went perfect with grilled cheese on some bakery bread.
The sour cream on top makes it creamy and delicious.
The kids both gobbled it up and had second and third helpings.  The color of the soup is a little deceiving because it actually has a very rich and hearty flavor despite the reddish color caused by the beets.  Please try this recipe if you are looking for a new delicious soup in your life! And let me know what you think if you do. 

On a side note: can you guess what we attempted to do yesterday but couldn't because I forgot cash?
I had just run 3+ miles while pushing 70+ lbs of baby and stroller, please excuse my looks :)
Yep, strawberry picking season is back! Can't wait to pick a ton to freeze them for the rest of the year. Spring is here and so is the pollen, gross.  But I'm wondering what the heck happened to "winter" because I never felt it...

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  1. yummy, so glad you found a good recipe.. Sorry i made you try mine with the beef, at least it gave you inspiration to make your veggie version. : )