Wednesday, March 7, 2012

To the mountains we went!

This past weekend we took a little trip to the North Carolina mountains for a two-night cabin stay. 
It was an awesome retreat from our normal routine and I think every member of our family enjoyed it.  
{Well, Ezra may not have enjoyed ALL of it because he had the sniffles}
We stayed outside of Bryson City waaay out in the boonies.
Serious boonies with no internet and no phone service.
We had food, a hot tub, nature and each other and that was really all we needed.
We took a few trips into town, but spent most of our time at the cabin. 
The two bad things though: Ezra slept bad both nights because of his sniffles and I was honestly kinda scared at how remote the surrounding area know how your thoughts wander at nighttime....
But overall it was an adventure I'm really glad we had.
It was nice breaking away from our everyday life to experience something refreshing and exciting.  
Here are a few moments from the trip.
pb&j for lunch
"I'm tired" were Kyle's exact words in this moment.
can't stay at a cabin without eating s'mores
or playing with dominoes
hiking up to see the waterfall
stopped in Asheville on the way home for lunch and it SNOWED and we got to eat at the delicious The Green Sage
pants saggin'
Until next time, Alarka Creek 2!

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