Thursday, March 15, 2012

Egg Carton Gardens

Whenever we buy eggs I think about how we could do something fun and creative with the cartons.
And every time I just throw them in the recycling.  
But not anymore! 
I've decided I'm going to start doing things with these wonderful little egg holders.  
So for our first project we planted seeds.
First we painted them in our jammies. {and yes, my floor often looks like this}
Meticulous painting.
Then we added some glitter because, why not? :)
Later that day we went out back and filled them with soil.
And then we quickly came inside to plant the seeds because the gnats were EATING US ALIVE.
We planted some zinnias, sunflowers, parsley, oregano and carrots.
And now we wait...
Except LOOK what I just found!!
I can't wait to show Cambria in the morning.

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