Thursday, March 1, 2012

Talking Boy

I think Ezra turned 1 and then decided he wanted to start speaking, and I don't think having an older sibling is inhibiting his language development at all. {I've heard that it can because the older sibling is always talking for the younger one}  In fact, I think it's having the opposite effect.  When Ezra and Cambria play together I will hear him mock so many words and sounds she makes.  At this point, she's helping him along, but who knows, maybe it will change.  I took this video of him and I think it captures his current personality and lifestyle perfectly.  Cruising along but not walking yet, saying some words and sounds, extremely interested in exploring the world around him, and sometimes having some anger. {notice how he gets mad at his shoes} He hasn't really started doing many signs yet, but when he does I'll try and capture that as well.  So far he's signed "all done", "eat", and I think today he made up his own for" balloon" by pointing to the ceiling and saying "bbbbbaa".  Anyway, here's my little man being all cute saying "daaaaaaaddy" and "uh-oh"

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