Tuesday, June 28, 2011

23 Years

June 28th, 2009  My 21st birthday, 8 months pregnant
June 28th, 2010  My 22nd birthday, 1 month pregnant
Today, My 23rd birthday, not pregnant.
Birthdays really help to put things in perspective.  It's crazy to think how different my life happenings are in each of those pictures.  I'm happy to have lived 23 years so far! I'm thankful for this and every birthday because we're never really promised tomorrow.  I've made a list of a few things I want to do during this next year. 

*Finish Cambria's quilt and make Ezra one too.  

*Create beautiful rooms for both my children.  

*Continue the never-ending process of decorating my house.

*As much as I hate the phrase, I want to have "date night" with Kyle every month.  I think it will be good for us, our marriage, and our children. 

*Run a marathon. 

*Create healthy and delicious food for my family. 

*Make a conscious effort to find meaning and value in everything that I do, even in relaxing, which often makes me feel guilty.  

*(Hopefully!!!!!) Attend my first birth, aside from my own and my children's. 

*Finish Cambria's 1st year scrapbook and begin and finish Ezra's. 

*Make/buy thoughtful gifts for my loved ones. 

*Find a program or a cause to volunteer for.

*Spend more time and effort staying in touch with friends.  When you have kids this oftentimes becomes difficult, but it's really important, so I want to try and work on it. 

*Love on my babies as much as possible.  Looking at that picture of Cambria a year ago reminds me that time flies by and every precious phase they go through lasts for what seems like a moment and then passes.  

*Begin and complete a 365 photo a day project starting today and ending June 28th, 2012. 

So that's my list.  Hopefully I can see it through!  
My mom and Amber spent all day preparing an amazing birthday dinner for my family.  It was delicious!
Buffalo potatoes.  A creation thought up by my mother.
Homemade veggies burgers!
Amazing stuffed mushrooms.
Pasta salad packed with veggies.
My birthday angel food fruit cake.
blowing out my candles.
This (along with a balloon) greeted me in the kitchen when I woke up this morning. 
All my favorite junk.
And this was my gift from my parent's and Kyle.  Man oh man am I excited to use this beauty!! I'm so thankful for this totally unexpected gift. 
It's hard to tell in this picture, but it's a vintage yellow.
And Amber got me a gift card for frozen yogurt. Yum yum! 
Today has been a wonderful day because I spent it with {some of} the people I love most in the world. 


  1. oh my gosh. THAT PASTA SALAD.

    and those stuffed mushrooms. HOLY COW

  2. Yes the food does look delish! Tell me more about the buffalo potatoes; Dan and I love ANYTHING with buffalo sauce on it. Ha. OMG and I am so excited that you got a kitchen aid mixer! You are going to love it! And I love the yellow! "Spend more time and effort staying in touch with friends." and I think you do a pretty good job of that as it is. I love that we still keep in touch and I cherish the times I get to see you!

  3. I am in town for a month, and I would LOVE to watch the babies for your "date night"! I am so glad you had a wonderful birthday :)

  4. Alex- they were amazing!! I can get the recipes for you.

    Summer- I will ask my mom how she made them, they were delicious!! And I love being your friend and seeing you too :)

    Erin- I may take you up on that one day! :)