Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Long Days

The last two days have been sooooooo long. 
Yesterday, my dad, Amber and Casey came over to eat dinner in celebration of Father's Day. 
We won't be here this Sunday to celebrate because we're going on a summer trip; North Carolina for 1 night, D.C. for 2, and then upstate New York for almost a week.
So anyway, between preparing meals, making gifts, taking care of the babies, preparing for our trip, cleaning, laundry, etc. I am totally wiped out. 
And I feel like all I've been doing is running around the house trying to get everything done and have thus neglected the babies.
Of course I'm meeting their physical needs, but I don't like putting them second to a house chore. 
Hopefully tomorrow I can play one-on-one with each of them AND find a couple quiet minutes for myself.
I've been wanting to post about a few small projects I've recently done, but for right now check out these pictures I got from a mini photo shoot I had with Cambria and Ezra. 
This was for a Father's Day gift.  Believe me, I would not willingly dress both my children up in sports paraphernalia to take a picture unless it was for Father's Day. 
This one would've been so cute, if they were looking...
This is E's disgusted face hahaha
The best one I got.
She's not trying to eat him, that's a kiss.  And I didn't ask her to do that.
Cambria pointing to the paint I had on my leg which got there during the other part of this project.
  These were taken in our backyard at about 12 o'clock.  
It was hot as crap and I was by myself trying to take pictures of a baby and a toddler.  And Cambria DID NOT want Ezra on her.  
I bribed her the entire time with "treats" and when we went inside I let her eat TWO pieces of saltwater taffy.
She was thrilled.

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