Friday, June 10, 2011

Today, In Pictures

I woke up this morning and decided I wanted to document the day, in pictures. 
the blurriness of this one captures how I feel when I first open my eyes

the first thing I see <3

gotta check my e-mail, and tweets of course

within minutes I hear a little voice talking and singing on the monitor and I go to find this little girl sitting up, waiting for me

and then #2 wakes up, and so begins the day with morning diaper changes

my first task every morning, hanging the diappies to dry from last night's wash


...while holding a babe

we ventured OUTSIDE to the park, doesn't happen often because of the gosh darn heat

ezzy caught some z's

then I came home and made this amazing smoothie

it looked like poop, but tasted delicious AND it had like 2 cups of fresh spinach

then we had lunch

and ezzy went down for his morning nap, I swear he does more than sleep!

then me and cambria played puzzles and read books

pootie was then ready for her nappy too
1:16 and BOTH babes are napping--a rare occurrence!

thrilled to have some solid "clean time", notice the mess in the back's a little close-up for ya. i have 2 under 2 so this mess ain't nothin'

a freak turn of events (someone cut a cord which shut down the computer system at Gulfstream) allowed kyle to get home early, let me just tell you, this has never happened
shortly after, this little guy woke with a smile
then kyle left to dump off cardboard and fix our car

and while feeding ezra I caught up on my blogs and discovered one of my favorite bloggers did the same "Our Day in Photos"  project today too!

then we played with his birdie with no legs

then aunt ambie stopped by after class

and cam girl had a snack

and ezra played with mr. giraffe

then we danced

i vacumed while cambria sat in fear on the couch

and aunt katie and tyler stopped by for a few minutes

so we waited on the front porch for daddy to get home

daddy got home and we ate some goldfish

then cambria did the most stereotypical childhood thing EVER, it was adorable

and because we've hardly left the house this week we went to get korean for dinner, deliciousness
*After dinner, we stopped by Laura and Miguel's BEAUTIFUL new house, and I forget to take a pic*

cambria got in her jammies when we got home and struck a few cute poses

and her day ended with her book of choice Go, Dog. Go! we've probably read this book 50 times in the last 3 weeks, literally

and then this little one got in his jammies too and it was off the bed for him as well
 That's a typical day for us--long, fun, exhausting, delicious, wonderful and lovely.
I gotta say, I do love this life. 
And now everyone is sleeping and I am blogging, typical. 

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