Sunday, June 26, 2011

Scenes from New York: Summer '11 Road Trip

As Cambria and Ezra would probably say, our time in New York was long but enjoyable. 
We got ice cream everyday because you just can't find ice cream like that down south. 
We went to the park...many times.
Niagra Falls. 
Family visits. 
Pedicures, subs, pizza, and just an overall relaxing atmosphere helped to make our stay oh so nice. 
And my {pregnant} sister came home with an extra dog too.
We could actually go outside during the day and there weren't any gnats!
We explored the countryside and visited a chicken "farm":)
We drank from a natural spring hidden away in the hills and explored a HUGE antique shop. 
I was sad to leave, but am SOOO happy to be home.
And to be quite honest, traveling with 2 little ones for a long time who are both in cloth diapers can be stressful, but we managed.
And now we're home. 
I missed this house! 
Here's a few snippets from our time in NY.

 gazing out the window
my man
love for a sonx2
and fun with mom

clapping hands 
bathing in a sink
pretty porch flowers
evil  eye
Are You My Mother?
sibling love
cutie pie

pretty girl
daddy <3
beautiful sky
mama and Noah 
strong boy!

And Niagra Falls.  {Cambria was with Grandma}

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  1. Looks like you guys had an amazing trip! =)