Tuesday, January 11, 2011


We haven't been taking as many pictures lately, so I'm trying to remember to document our days. 
The next few weeks I want to take it easy and just focus on Cambria and her needs.  
My goal is for her to learn her colors and a few letters by the time the baby arrives.
She was being especially cute today. 

Cinnamon Life cereal for breakfast. The girl ate three bowls of it. 
 She was excited to see Daddy when we met him for lunch today.

 Heading upstairs for a nap and a diaper change.  (cloth is awesome, post about that soon) 

Going to see the horses and bath time. 
That hat is probably going to fit for 3 years. Great investment.



  1. Elodie has that polka-dotted shirt, but in a much smaller size. Nice choice! She's a cutie, enjoy her while it's just you guys! :)

  2. Brandie,
    the video of cambria literally just made my night, i was smiling the whole time. Can't wait to see you and and cam and ? :)

    love, meggggg.