Saturday, January 1, 2011

We've made the switch.

We've officially made the switch to cloth diapers.  After talking about it for what seems like forever, all the needed supplies are FINALLY in our possession.   Since before Cambria was born I've wanted to try them out and honestly I can't say exactly what has taken us 17 months to fully commit.  Maybe the fear of the unknown, the upfront cost, the unconventional factor, or just laziness?  We only started using them this evening so I don't really have any poopy (hehehe) details to share yet but I'm sure those will come soon!! I think (hope!)  cloth diapering is going to turn out to be an amazingly simple thing that before seemed scary and intimidating.  Kyle and I did a lot of research about everything cloth diapers so I'm feeling confident that we will have success.  Since I do all the laundry most of the "work" required will fall into my hands, but I'm okay with that.  I'll probably write another post in a few days updating on how it's all going.  Look at these cute pictures of pootie in her yellow cloth diaper.

The buttons aren't as scary as they look.

She actually cried when I first put one of them on her today but I think she was just a little weirded out.  One thing I like about the diapers is their cute factor.  There is nothing cute about a disposable diaper...nothing.  But these things come in all sorts of colors and fabrics!  Disposable diapers are easier and more appropriate for some parents, but I feel like right now is the perfect time for us to make the switch.  The next few weeks will give us lots of time to learn the ropes so we'll be all ready for baby #2 to jump right in and start using them.
What an adorable little tooshie!
Today is 1-1-11.  Happy New Year!  I'm thinking this year will be a good one for us and will bring with it many changes and new experiences.  I'm eager to watch Cam grow and change even more and to meet our second child.  Right at this exact moment I think the baby is a boy, but ask me in one minute and I may say something different.  I have no lasting gut feeling anymore.  All I do know is that a girl born today would have a name and a boy wouldn't.  We better get on that....

Her favorite thing to do.
When I have two kids how will I be able to decided which one to write about or which one to post a picture of? One of my many, many curiosities about being a parent of 2.

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  1. Such a good picture of Cambria with the horses!