Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pregnancy Update

I think I've officially gotten to the "really pregnant" part of this pregnancy.  I had morning (all day) sickness in the beginning and minor back pains which have been managed with the help of a chiropractor, but other than those two issues, I have been able to do most things easily and without any inconvenience.  Nope, not anymore.  I remember reaching this point with Cambria too.  All of a sudden it's like I'm very pregnant, my belly is large, and some things are a little more difficult than they were a few weeks ago...shaving, sleeping, carrying Cam, walking up and down stairs all day, working out, leaning over to put Cam in her car seat or lifting her into her highchair, laundry, etc.... The list could probably go on for a while. 

Now let me say right now that I am in NO WAY complaining about my growing belly!!! I hate when women act like pregnancy is a disability or that it's such a hard, impossible thing to deal with.  I'm simply noticing and adjusting more for my growing belly as I go throughout my day--and now telling all of you about it!

I had an appointment on Monday at the birthing center and everything is going well.  My blood pressure is still at a normal level and I'm reeeealy hoping it doesn't go up at the very end of my pregnancy like it did last time.  At one of my earlier appointments my midwife told me high blood pressure is sometimes just a 1st pregnancy issue--let's hope so!!  Since all my iron pills were ruined in my purse (long story),  I am going to get a replacement for that and am going to begin taking some chewable calcium supplements (could help prevent high blood pressure).  I might also look into getting a belly band just for a little extra support.  I feel like my belly is so heavy at times and think a support band might make me feel better. So far, I've had almost no swelling in my feet. Woooooooooo! Lately my heartburn has been worse.  Just like last time, the heartburn seems to come and go, but it's never unbearable and Tums seem to work well.  My skin is also getting itchy and achy again.  I don't know if achy is the right word to describe it, but it's basically a feeling that my skin is stretching to its max.  One of the worst parts of pregnancy= stretchmarks, enough said.   I've also started to experience more pressure in my pelvic area and have been getting Braxton Hicks, a lot.  I feel like I get them more often and more intense than I did with Cam.  Sometimes I have to actually stop what I'm doing in order to get comfortable or readjust my position.

I'm welcoming all these new sensations and symptoms with open arms because I know they will bring me closer to the day we get to meet this baby.  But just as I said here, I'm not 100% ready for all that labor stuff yet either.  I know that as soon as this baby is here, everything is going to change.  Our life will be hectic for a while, but eventually we will find a new rhythm.  Breastfeeding takes a lot of hard work and dedication and that's another thing I associate with the day I have this baby.  Breastfeeding requires more of me than being pregnant does and I know that as soon as I give birth, it's going to be my entire focus.  I just hope hope hope this baby and I work all the kinks out early and have little or no issues. I can hope right!??! 

We've been talking to Cambria about "the baby" and she kisses and hugs my belly everyday.  She knows what a baby is, but I don't think she makes the connection that I'm going to have one soon.  The other day she came up to me, lifted my shirt, and put her sippy cup up to my belly button.  She was giving the baby a drink!!!!! What a sweet little girl we have.  I think once the baby is here one of my biggest concerns is going to be maintaining her routine and not letting her get lost in all the chaos.  I'm not even trying to plan or think about how it's going to be with 2 because I remember with Cambria that no matter how much you think you know how it's going to be, you really can never prepare for a baby.  Yes, you can have all the "things" ready, but emotionally, physically, mentally, you really can't.  Speaking of all those "things" you need for a newborn, Kyle and I have not made 1 purchase for this child yet! Not 1!! We do have most everything we need already, but I just think it's funny that we haven't bought anything.  That's me though, I have a harder time spending money than saving it.  Also, I'm kinda bad at planning/getting things in order.  This is probably the reason we have no problem waiting until birth day to find out the sex.
The list of items we/I need is very short: 
-2 kid jogging stroller 
-new baby sling, Not a necessity because I already have one, but I just want another that works better for a newborn.
-a newborn elf hat--you'll see why a little lata 
-a new nursing bra
-Some pants, socks, and onsies for the first few days.  

Here are a few pictures of me two nights ago.  Cambria was giving the baby kisses and hugs.
33 weeks 4 days

Hopefully her affection for the baby continues once he or she is here. 

My two babies.  Love them.


  1. Oh my gosh! I can't believe how fast time has gone! I can't wait to meet your new little one!!! I'll be praying for your blood pressure to stay low! =)

  2. You look AHHHHMAZING. Kudos to you for even mentioning shaving. I stopped about 4 months ago :D Brandie, I really cannot fathom how you do what you do taking care of Cambria and being pregnant. You're amazing! Nuff said.

  3. Thank you Laura!
    And thank you Johanna! I really don't have to shave often because my hair grows at such a slow rate, but I don't think I could stand stopping all together. And taking care of Cambria while being pregnant isn't too bad. Pregnancy the second time around is much more familiar so that certainly makes it easier. I'm still loving your letters! I check your blog every Monday to read the next one. You are looking beautiful and I think you're a great mother already!

  4. Sooo... I can't beleive you will have this baby so soon! Wish I was still around for the kiddos to play! Oh.. and I have to say.. The only ONE and only thing i liked about pregnancy was the end result! I basically had the flu the whole time... i may have had a couple weeks of days I didn't throw up at least twice a day.. migraines.. light sensativity and much more. So When people tell me how much they loved being pregnant and it was tthe best ting ever it brings back all the yucko memories except the ultrasounds and neat movement lol. The rest was for the dogs!.. had to get iv's 4 times for dehydration.. and mike was away for 4 months of it. noo fun.. Marybeth :)