Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Savannah Food Co-op

At some point last fall Kyle and I discovered the Savannah Food Co-op.  The co-op is a group dedicated to helping Savannah families get healthy and sustainably-produced food and dry goods at affordable prices <---That was taken right off their website. They also strive to purchase from local and regional suppliers as much as possible.  Basically, you pay a small due ($24 a year) and then every two weeks you are able to order food items from a long list online.  Once we figured out what the co-op was all about, we both were excited to give it a try!  We wanted to try it out way back when we found out about it but figured it would be easier when we were in our own house.  

They have everything from different sized boxes filled with fruits and veggies to meat, seafood, milk, free-range eggs, coffee, and much more.  We placed our order on Sunday and everything was ready to be picked up on Thursday.  I wasn't able to go with Kyle when he picked up our order but he said it was in this really tiny, random building hidden between two other buildings.  He said he felt a bit awkward only because everyone seemed to know one another and knew what they were doing.  I think after a while we'll get to know the people involved with the co-op and we'll feel as though we fit right in! 
Our produce box. This is a "small" box.

Our entire order.
Everything we ordered came out to 90 dollars and some change.  I think this a reasonable price considering we got lots of organic produce, organic milk, free-range eggs, two pounds of coffee, bagels, tofu, vegetarian Worcestershire sauce, cheese, and two bags of rice-pilaf type mixes.  Buying quality and healthy food is worth the price to us.  

I already love this system of buying food.  We have fruit (which is consumed quickly in this household) and random veggies that must be eaten so we've had to find lots of different recipes to use them up.  Just in the last few days I've made four new recipes. It's such a great system because it is forcing us to change up our normal menu and try new meals and recipes.  The food was all so fresh and organic! I love the fact that the hens that lay the eggs live just 20 minutes away on a small family-owned farm!  

I'm really excited about the Food Co-op and can't wait until we make our next order.  If you live in Savannah you really should give it a try, or if not find a food co-op near you!   

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  1. Is that fennel on the left? How did you cook that? just curious!