Monday, April 18, 2011

Update on my little guy

Jeans on a baby = the silliest thing ever and the cutest thing ever!
Our son is already 2 months old.  I've loved these last two months with him.  He really is such a sweet little guy and I feel so thankful that I was given a baby boy.  This weekend I was talking about the day Ezra was born and how on that day I felt like it was Christmas or that I had won the lottery.  I felt so lucky the I had given birth to a boy. A BOY!  Who in this world has ever been so lucky?!?! :D I know it may seem silly, but that's how I felt.  I think it may be because all I've ever known is girls, me being #2 of 4 in my family.

Ezra is a good sleeper, but he is not the sleeper that Cambria was.  At this point Cambria was just about sleeping through the night (probably an 8 hour stretch then eating then sleeping another few hours).  Up until a week ago Ezra was still waking every 3 hours to eat.  I decided to try feeding him (by breast) shortly before bedtime and then as he was falling asleep have Kyle feed him a few more ounces from the bottle.  That did the trick and he has started sleeping for a 5 to 6 hour stretch before waking up to eat again.  This weekend while in Atlanta we didn't have bottles so I wasn't able to pump and Ezra woke up every 2-3 hours.  I'm glad I've discovered the bottle solution so that doesn't happen every night.. 

This weekend was the first time Ezra hadn't slept in our bed at night.  We have a huuuuge king size bed with plenty of extra space for little E snuggled up between Kyle and me.  I loooove having him next to me all night, it's such a wonderful bonding time.  When Cambria would sleep in our bed I would sometimes worry that she would get covered with pillows or blankets or by us, but I don't have those worries with Ezra.  Our Tempur-Pedic mattress really helps to keep us (and him) in place during the night while we sleep.   This weekend he slept in a pack n' play right next to the bed and he actually did pretty well with it.  Of course he did find his way in the bed by morning time... He seemed to wake and make noises a bit more during the night but he didn't cry at all.  This makes me think he will transition out of our bed easily.  Let's hope! 

About 2 weeks ago (around 6 or 7 weeks) Ezra really started smiling and interacting more with us.  He smiles the most when he just wakes up in the morning and during diaper changes.  These first interactions and smiles are so, so, so precious to me.  I love when he locks eyes with me and we just stare at each other making noises back and forth.  It's the best! I say the same "ahhhhh goooooooooh" noise to him that I did for Cam and he seems to love it.  My mom has always said it to babies so I've always said it to mine.  I'll try and get a video of it soon. 

He farts a lot in the morning when he wakes up and pees (and poops!) all over the place.  He seems to have some sensitive skin so whenever he has his diaper-free time that boy always pees.  Always.  And even if I see that he is peeing it's really hard to direct it anywhere.  If you have a little boy you know what I'm talking about....that pee line just seems to have a mind of it's own :)

Since getting the double jogging stroller I've been taking lots of walks/runs during the day.  Well really only in the morning because it gets too freakin' hot during the afternoons on most days.  We always seem to end up at the park, but I don't mind letting Cambria play if she lets me get in a little exercise.  Ezra likes being in the stroller and looking up at the sky and the trees.  He can only hang for a few minutes before falling asleep though :) 

This post was just a little update about what's been happening with little Ezra these past few weeks.  We have his 2 month appointment on Friday and we'll get to see how much the cutie weighs.  I've finally got around to making his birth announcements and will send them out tomorrow and Wednesday.  I kept telling myself that if I didn't make them for him I would regret it so I'm glad I did.  I'll post about them once I send them all out in the mail.  Here's a picture of little Ezra taken the morning after he was born.  

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