Thursday, April 21, 2011

Atlanta in pictures

We went to Atlanta this past weekend and had ourselves a good time. 

(From left to right then down)
Gas prices are high so getting gas kinda hurt...
  Ezra and Cammy lounging in the car. 
Kisses from Aunt Ashley at Ikea. 
Cambria playing in the children's section at Ikea. 
Little cutie making a silly face....again, at Ikea.

This Ikea trip was not very successful and was accompanied with crying from both the kiddos.  We had to venture back on Sunday to get everything we needed, again there was more crying...

 On Saturday, we went to the Dogwood Festival in Piedmont Park for the third year in a row.  Two years ago I was pregnant, last year Cambria was 8 months, and this year we came with 2 kids!  Crazy how things change.  

Me with Clark Howard.  My sister took this so I was excited to show Kyle the picture, but he wasn't too impressed...

Cam playing hard at the park--->

<--- I love nursing pictures, but I especially like this one because you can see Ezra's feetsies :) 

This may be one of my favorite photos of Ezra yet.  Everyone is looking away except for him and he looks so handsome in his plaid shirt and jeans! 

<------------- Amber and Mateus = lovebirds ;)

2 of my pretty sisters -------------------->
Getting some shopping in at Trader Joes.

Visiting the Watsons.
Elodie + Ezra = lovebirds too :)
Being silly after her bath.  Because we got in late both nights, Cambria hadn't had a bath in two days, she was reeeeeealy dirty.

The current baby of the Dashevsky household, little Noah.
My man, lookin' cute, driving us all back home to Sa-van-van.
We had fun and look forward to our next visit in July for the Peachtree Road Race!

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  1. love love all the pics of your cute little fam! I'm running the peachtree too! hopefully I'll see you guys before then though!