Thursday, April 21, 2011

Video of E

Here's a video of Ezra I took yesterday during his diaper change.  I got a few little smiles and just some overall cuteness.  His almost cry face in the beginning is adorable. Cambria was hanging out with Grandma so we were able to have some fun alone time together. Enjoy! 

And I just found this video of Cambria that we took when she was almost the exact same age.  Oh how things have changed since then!!! She had so much hair which I LOVED from the second she was born, but I think Mr. Baldy is pretty darn adorable too :)

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  1. OK. So, I'm watching this thinking Ezra and Seeley seem so much alike with their sounds and "I want to cry but forgot what I was doing" faces and squirming, etc. Then I realized I don't really know what babies are like, and to see another baby about Seeley's age was really fun! I hope they can meet each other soon :)

    He's adorable, Brandie!