Monday, April 25, 2011

a busy april weekend

This weekend we: 
surprised Kyle's grandmother with a visit from us & almost all of his extended family on his dad's side
went to lunch with her
took Ezra for his 2 month check-up
participated in the Great Cloth Diaper Change 
met up with all his family down at the beach house where they were staying
made a trip down to the beach with two babies (not as bad as it sounds)
dyed some eggs
celebrated his grandmother's 80th birthday
went to Easter mass with my family
participated in an Easter egg hunt
ate Easter lunch with my family
and then visited with my parents and Kyle's mom for the rest of the evening. 

All of that in one weekend makes for a tired and (mostly) sleeping family right about now. 
I hope your weekend was wonderful and you were able to spend it doing something you love
The grandchildren, minus a few
Lots of diapies about to be changed
Sunscreen it up girlfran!
Aunt Katie! 
Turning a white egg green!!!!!! It was pretty exciting... :)
Finnegan boys
MY easter bunny
pretty girl, in a pretty dress, finding her some eggs
how I feel about the Georgia heat
"gama" and "bopa"

my loves <3

1 comment:

  1. I love Cambria's little dress. Can't wait until Elodie can gather & dye little Easter eggs :)

    Looks like you all had a fun weekend!