Wednesday, September 14, 2011

366 Project

Today was busy, busy. 
We woke up, ate breakfast, went to storytime at the library (it was awesome!), came home, ate lunch, went to storytime at The Ice Cream Stop, came home, took naps (well, Cambria did), woke up, went to the chiropractor, got dinner at Seasons of Japan, went to the Farmer's Market, played at the park, came home, got baths, went to bed. 
Whew, it was long, but I loved every minute of it.
Right now, nothing else could compare. onto my {newly titled} 366 project...

A few days ago Kyle realized my 365 project is actually going to be a 366 project.  
2012 is a leap year. 
SO my 365 project is now my 366 project.  
And I'm posting all the pictures I've taken up until today and starting next week I will start posting them weekly.

Day 62- mowing, out the window
 Day 63- big girl underware
 Day 64- one of our family's favorite foods
 Day 65- 1st night in the big girl bed
 Day 66- Mr. Cutie
Day 67- banana pancakes 
 Day 68- avett brothers love
Day 69- baby shower invites
 Day 70- boys + FREE chair
 Day 71- pretending to sleep in a crib
 Day 72- pink sky at night
 Day 73- grilling pizzas, drinking wine, enjoying the evening
 Day 74- the worst chore
 Day 75- high-school kids a washin' my car
 Day 76- 3's taste yummy
 Day 77- flowers from the garden
 Day 78- watching Adele


  1. Cambria's hair is the prettiest color! In her picture with her big girl underwear, you can see all the prettier highlights! And greek yogurt is a family fav in our house too! Dan eats it everyday for breakfast because he's obsessed with the amount of protein it has and no fat. And I recently started eating it once a day too because I figure some extra protein and calcium can't hurt ;-) and it's soooo yummy!

  2. Thanks Summer! Yeah I joke that people pay big bucks to get the colors Cambria has in her hair. haha And the protein + the taste are the main reasons we eat so much Greek yogurt, it's amazing!!

  3. I knew the 366 thing going in, and consciously ignored it because I was afraid people wouldn't know immediately what I AM 366 would mean... 365 is a more clearly understood number, in my brain. That's the editorial room part of me coming out.

    Also-- I LOVE the 3s are yummy picture! One of my favorites of Cam of all time!!!

  4. Yea I thought about that too Jessie but after Kyle mentioned it, I had to change it haha. After all, there ARE going to be 366 pics, not 365. But really, either way it doesn't matter.

    And I agree with you, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture too. I took a few of them and was freaking out after because I loved how they turned out.