Monday, September 19, 2011

An update on all things marathon training

new kicks, Brooks Defyance 4
Have YOU donated to TEAM FREEMAN yet? 
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We've already had a few sponsors, but aren't near our $200 each yet.
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Please consider donating to this cause. It's a good one.
$1, $5, $10....any and everything helps.
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Now an update on my training.  After my 10 mile run at the end of week 9 of my training (two Saturdays ago) I developed a pain in my hip/leg.  It worsened as the days went on and on Tuesday, when I tried running again, I didn't get 50 yards before turning around. It was just too painful.  I quickly made an appointment with my chiropractor who is also a certified Chiropractic Sports Physician.  Since then, I've been seeing him regularly and we've developed a training plan of sorts that is working to strengthen the weak muscles/tendons in my hip and IT band.  I'm doing lots and lots of stretching, new strengthening exercises (leg lifts, pelvic tilts, lunges) and icing my hip area after activity. 

Since my injury, I've run 3 miles, 5, and then 4 today.  Each run I've felt better and stronger, but with a little soreness, which is to be expected.  I've definitely fallen way back on my training and I'm taking it very slow easing back into it all.  My chiropractor said that you lose 30% of your conditioning in 2 weeks...scary.  I'm hoping this was just a slight bump in the road and that I continue to improve.  I still have two 12 milers, 14 miles, 18 miles, and a 20 MILER.  I'm taking it one run at a time and trying not to think too far ahead.  If everything doesn't go as planned, I've already decided to just downgrade to the half.  We'll see.

Here's a picture Kyle took of me before heading out for a run.  I never leave without my ipod, my Nike + sensor, my phone, a headband, TWO sports bras, and tight fitting clothing.  I don't like the loose shorts or cotton-t's...too much material for me. 

And after my long runs I HAVE to make a smoothie.  Below you can see some of my staple ingredients: frozen fruit, protein powder, Greek yogurt, soy or almond milk, wheat germ, flax seed, peanut butter, and oatmeal.  Everything filled with the fuel my body needs.  This blog has some amazing, hearty, and delicious smoothie recipes perfect for recovering after a long morning run.

So remember to sponsor Kyle and myself by donating to The Freeman Project.
It would be greatly appreciated by not only us, but by all those beauitful children in Afghanistan and Iraq, and other war-torn countries. 
Thanks again!!!!


  1. Okay i need you to semd me a recipe for a smoothie that you like, that way i can try it before i make them. I need a new breakfast!

  2. OMG!!I have been wanting to run a marathon since I got out the army in 2006 and was determined this year after I had Kylee that I would train for the Breast Cancer walk in Jacksonville that past this early October. I couldnt because my healing after my Csection didnt go as fast as it did the first time around..probably because I did too much moving around.with four kids during summer time it's kind of hard to just sit but I really want to do one, one day...Again I am inspired by your blog today..thanks!