Sunday, September 25, 2011

A family run

This weekend Kyle and I ran the Heart of Savannah 5k for the 2nd year in a row.  And this year Cambria ran the 1/4 mile kiddie run with Grandma.  She was hesitant at first and only wanted my mom to "hold ya" but when the race started she took off!  My mom didn't realize the race was as long as it was so her and Cambria started off sprinting {well, Cambria's sprinting :)} As tired as she was, she ran almost the entire distance.  But when she saw Kyle waiting at the finish line she started crying and reaching out for him.  She received a ribbon at the end of the race and I think that made it all better.  We were so proud of her, and I think she had a good time as well.  
She gave me a smile even though she was sorta terrified and out of her element.
Can you find Cam??
There's a genuine smile! She thought that Chick-fil-A cow in the corner was hilarious.
Ezra chilled like this most of the time.
Cambria almost to the finish line, reaching out for Kyle.
Kyle ended up beating his time from last year by two minutes and he reached his goal of running it in under 30 minutes. I improved my time by about 20 seconds, 25:07 (and 4 months pregnant) to 24:50ish this year.  It's such a beautiful run around Forsyth Park and then five or six squares downtown.  Lots to look at!
The best shot my mom got of me.  That girl and I raced to the finish....we came in at the exact same time. I was NOT going to let her pass me. haha
Kyle coming into the finish.  His dad is the guy two people back in the white shirt. Go Kyle for beating your dad! ;)
I was so proud of him.
The family.