Saturday, September 3, 2011

365 Project-Month 1

Back on my birthday, I started a 365 project.  Since then, I've taken at least one picture a day--a picture that documents a moment in my family's life.  I go back and forth about whether I want to include pictures mostly just of the kids, or the "things" in our life, or the places we go, or of our friends and family, etc..But ultimately, I think it makes the most sense to not focus on a certain plan for the project, but to just take a picture of something that I find significant, funny or cute each day during these 365 days.  I got a little behind on my organizing, so I'm going to post all the pictures from the first month, then the second month, and once I'm all caught up, I will begin posting the pictures weekly.  So here's our June 28-July 28 in pictures.

birthday gift, feetsies, watering the garden 

fresh flowers, fireworks, glowing airplane from Grigory

Peachtree Roadroace, a mess, dead hanging flowers

an evening swim, make-up time, summer rain

chocolate cake, biking, goose in a swing

beach date with Elodie, cutie pie, Uncle Chris

 pickin' peaches, freshly bathed, turning 2!

 2nd birthday party invite, crafting mess

 1st birthday gift (from Summer), Cam and Mama, clean fridge

 bath time, reading with Grandma, baby-wearing love
blue-eyed beauty, runnin' shoes 

 Stay tuned for the next set of pictures!


  1. I see my cutie girl.. :)

    I should do something like this! It's a fun idea. Maybe for Elodie's 2nd year of life.

  2. Great idea, Ashley!!! I do it for them mostly anyway.