Friday, September 9, 2011

Is 2 so terrible?

The terrible 2's.  
dun dun dun....haha 

I've been thinking about that phrase a lot lately and have concluded that it's only half complete.  Now don't get me wrong, the 2's have been sorta terrible so far, but they've also been not-so-terrible.  Terrible AND not-so-terrible.  But let me talk about the terrible first. 

For anyone who's ever spent extended time with a 2-year-old, they know the "terrible 2's" are real. VERY real.  The broad issue {which causes many small fights and issues} stems from one main problem: Cambria wants to be independent and make her own decisions BUT she's 2, so she can't communicate fully and doesn't know what's best for her. 

For example, she's recently started this little habit of running away from us in public: in the street, parking lots, at the grocery store, etc. She thinks it's hilarious and fun.  I think it's scary and dangerous.  When I finally catch her, she does the arch-the-back-and-flail-the-limbs move on me.  It can be exhausting, especially when I'm out by myself and I'm lugging Ezra around too.  She is starting to realize what she likes and what she wants and when she can't have it, well, you can imagine.  

It's hard.  It's hard for her and it's hard for us.  She wants her every desire met in an instant and I want a healthy, respectful child who has patience and understanding.  But then again the issue: she's only two!  And she doesn't fully understand danger or true consequences yet.  So the key for me has been trying to control my own emotions.  When Cambria is upset, frustrated, or on the floor kicking and screaming I try and focus on myself first.  Even though I instinctively want to become angry, loud, or emotional in response to her behavior, I know it'll only make the situation worse.  But it's easier said than done and sometimes it takes everything I have to control myself from getting upset.  I also try and give her choices "you can either read books or paint a picture."  I think Cambria ultimately just wants control, so when she's given a choice, she sometimes feels validated and satisfied with just that.  And sometimes she just freaks out.  I just try and remind myself that Cambria truly is a sweet little person who is slowing but surely figuring herself out.  In the meantime, Kyle and I will continue to parent her in the most loving and respectful way we can find. 

Now the not-so-terrible part. Cambria has just exploded since turning 2!!! She has 20x the vocabulary she did just a month or two ago.  She's saying words like: only, first, embarrassed, happy, iguana, Georgia, earring, rectangle, alphabet...and so many more.  I am actually having conversations with her and sometimes I still can't believe it.  And reading books is the #1 thing Cambria loves to do more than anything.  That girl would have someone read books to her of she could.  Just ask anyone who comes over to our house, she'll suck you in.  She can identify every letter of the alphabet and can usually come up with an animal or something else that begins with each letter.  She can count to ten.  And she can identify most of her shapes.  I love hearing the thoughts and ideas running through her head come out in words. When I'm home all day with them she's like my little sidekick, helping me when I need it and trying to boss me and Ezra around.  She makes us laugh every day saying thinks like: "Ezra, you're good boy" or "Mommy me wipe Ezra's butt."  She's always eager to help and learn.  I love teaching her things.  We dance, sing, cook, laugh, play, read, watch movies, paint, color, learn, eat, and talk together.  And it's awesome.    

So, I guess having a 2-year-old is a win/lose situation.  But really, the win is much greater than the lose and I wouldn't trade any second of this time with her.  I know I'll miss all of it one day. 

what a smile she has :)


  1. I just remember the other day when we were on the phone and you were telling about her potty training and she was like "No talk mommy". Haha that was crazy! She sure is a smart little cookie!

  2. Yes, she is a smart cookie:) When Cambria was at my house the other day we were looking at the picture of her with her birthday balloons. When I asked her what day that was I was expecting her to say, "birthday, birthday, but instead she said August 1st. Wow, what two year old knows the date of their birthday!!!

  3. Yep, Cambria Sky sure is one sharp, spunky little girl. She doesn't miss a beat.. :)

  4. Hi Brandie - This is Kyle's Aunt Tricia - I saw the note on FB about the marathon training and fundraiser, and wound up on your blog - how wonderful on so many levels! I'll be sure get on the website and donate for such a worthy cause. (btw I just did a 1/2 marathon trail race - the hills were killer!). I'm amazed you are finding the time, with 2 little ones.
    And what an amazing MOM you are, Brandie! I remember (like it was yesterday) how hard the "terrible two's" where (especially when it was times two :), when they're teenagers and acting "terrible," it's worse! So, I just want to pass on what a wise person once told me - that as a parent, you must always remember to be "bigger, stronger, wiser...and kind." Don't be hard on yourself if sometimes you 'lose it' - no one is perfect, and kids at any age understand an apology and a hug! Good luck with the marathon run, and the 'marathon of motherhood' (it never ends :) xoxo