Wednesday, September 21, 2011

7 months

I forgot to tell you guys....Ezra turned 7 months on Friday.  
We took family pictures that day, so it was a little hectic and I didn't have a second to blog about my sweet baby boy.
Important accomplishments this past month: he started eating, he grew 3 teffers, he got his first shot since being born, he continued waking up all through the night (grrrrr), and he became semi-mobile.
I know I say it every month, but me and that boy have something special going on. 
He is soooooo unbelievably attached to me + his food source ;)
Sometimes I don't like it (3 a.m. for example), but most times I loooooove it. 
I think it's how it ought to be.
Enjoy some of these recent pictures of his cute self. 
angry, drooly, nakey Ezzy
sleepin poots
We both love my Maya Wrap...I think he would stay in it all day long if he could.
love his smile in this one
my son <3

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