Wednesday, May 4, 2011

birth announcements for ezra

Since before Ezra was born, I knew I wanted to make his birth announcements.  But, life happens, and even though I talked about making them for weeks, I suddenly found myself 2 months after he was born with no announcements made.  I contemplated not sending them out, but I knew I would've regretted it later on down the road.  It's hard going places by myself with the kids, but one morning I woke up and just decided I was going to run around like a crazy person to gather all the supplies needed.  If I put it off any longer it was neeeeever going to happen.  I used what little spare time I have to make them, and like everything else, it took much longer than I had anticipated.  I think they've turned out nice except for one teeny tiny error....on about 30 of the announcements Ezra's birth year was written as 2001 instead of 2011!!! Ahhhhhhhh! I freaked out when I discovered the typo especially because most of them were already sent out and couldn't be fixed.  Oh well, it'll be a story to tell and hopefully the mistake has made a few people laugh.  So here's how I made em':

First I had a little photo shoot with the cutie himself.  It turned out to be a nice day outside and I was able to get lots of pictures. I was tempted to use one of the silly pictures, but thought people might just think we were weird..

I then enlisted Kyle's help and gave him the job of printing the wording for the announcements on 8x11 vellum sheets and then cutting them into 5x7 pieces.  I found the wording format somewhere online, but can't seem to find it again now.  I'm bad about taking my time on things that need it and knew he would do a better job than I could.  We were able to get two 5x7 pieces from each larger sheet.  When we printed them the top one said 2011 and the bottom one 2001. You think ONE of us would've noticed the typo...nope! Sorry if you got a 2001 one, just remember I was NOT 12 when I gave birth to Ezzy :)  
 The one on the left is the 5x7 final product and in the one on the right you can see how we made the error...notice the 2001 on the bottom.
Kyle and I picked our favorite picture and my first step was taping them to pieces of 5x7 colored card stock. The card stock was lots of different neutral tones with a few blues, yellows and oranges.  I used my Tombow to attach the picture.  I learned about that clever little tool from Erin and I love it.
The final step was attaching the vellum to the card stock using these push pin things.  They were really small and pushing them through both pieces of paper was sorta difficult.  My fingers started to hurt by the end if it.  I think I'll figure out an easier way next time I use them. 
Close up..Look at that little pootie pie's chubby cheeks!
The finished product! 2001....oh boy
Here is Ezra's and Cambria's finished birth announcements.  Cambria's are cute, but to me, homemade is more fun and special.. and lots cheaper! Good thing Cam Cam's cuteness makes up for that :)

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  1. Both announcements look great! I always love home made though! Maybe this summer we can have some lessons and I can show you some cheap tools that you will need for everything scrapbook :)