Monday, May 30, 2011

One Year

Last spring, Kyle and I began talking about gettin' hitched. From the beginning of my pregnancy with Cambria we knew we didn't want to get married just because I was pregnant.  We wanted to get married for us, not our baby.  And frankly, we didn't care much about what others thought.  And then last spring, with our graduations approaching and a move to Savannah in our near future, we began to feel we were ready and excited to take that next step. Neither of us like a lot of attention and we didn't like the idea of spending thousands on one day.  So after some serious discussing and researching, we decided we wanted to have an elopement of sorts. We searched for the perfect place to have our wedding and finally decided on Asheville, North Carolina, a place we had visited together for our dating anniversary during my pregnancy with Cambria.

So, we secretly took a trip to Asheville and found the perfect place and officiant for our ceremony. Then for the next two weeks we spent our days running around trying to get all the details taken care of.  We had to find a dress, find a suit, and tell our closest friends and family of our plans--all in addition to many other small details. The day finally came and it ended up being a beautiful, romantic, and perfect celebration of our love and the life we'd created together. And coincidentally, our Ezra likely began his journey through life on our wedding day.  He was created from our love on that very special day. 

So now it's been one year. 
One year with lots of excitement and happenings. 
A move, a new job, a 9 month stay with my parents, a pregnancy, a new baby boy, a house, and much more.  I wonder if every year will be this eventful...
I can only hope!

Happy 1st Anniversary Kyle Patrick Finnegan!
I love you and appreciate all that you do for me and our children. 
I will always strive to decorate my soul <3 

Taken at the Grove Park Inn, where we ate our celebratory meal after our wedding and where we stayed while in Asheville.
Check out our wedding slideshow to relive the day here.


  1. Aww, Happy Anniversary you two! :)