Sunday, May 29, 2011

Strawberry Fields Forever

A few weeks ago we went to Ottowa Farms to pick us some strawberries.  We were the only ones in the field and the clouds came out as soon as we got there.  It was perfect!  No people that thought we were crazy bringing two babies out to pick strawberries and no hot, unbearable sun.  It was so lovely!  Cambria had an absolute blast and still talks about it daily.  We picked over 7 pounds and ate every single last berry.  And they were only $1.80 a pound, cheaper than any price in a grocery store. 
Just us.

The beginning of the picking.

And Cambria was a good little picker. Once she figured out what needed to be done, she was off! We actually had to coax her off the field because she just wouldn't stop picking! 

You can tell how hard Cam was concentrating :D

Ezra was snoozing, but decided to wake up about half way through.  He didn't help much, but it was nice holding his cute little self while we were out there. 

I wanted a picture, but Cambria wanted to draw in the sand.

Afterwards we said "hi" to the goats and pigs, which Cambria also still talks about.

She was very disturbed by all the "poooooooop!!" and when one of the pigs "pee-peed"

The lucky cows who get to graze in a pasture, instead of living on a factory farm.

We HAD to eat some RIGHT when we got home.

Strawberry ice cream

 The strawberry cake was as delicious as it looks.  Found the recipe here and would definitely recommend it! It didn't have any food coloring, gelatin or jello.  I topped it with some cream cheese frosting, yummy!!

And strawberry smoothies.
 We're going to be heading back soon to pick some blackberries and blueberries. Can't wait!

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