Tuesday, May 10, 2011

someone's getting close to potty training

A few days ago Cambria informed me that her baby doll had pooped.  She then proceeded to gather all the necessary supplies and changed baby's diaper.  She got everything herself and really only needed me to unfasten and refasten the diaper.  The whole time she kept saying "poop, poop, uh oh, baby poop".  It was adorable.  And it made me excited because I think it's one step closer to potty training.  She has recently started to become uncomfortable hanging out in her own poopy diaper and I guess baby felt the same way :) Cambria could probably be trained now, but I want to make sure she is good and ready before we start.   I'm shooting for very few accidents, no pull-ups (they make cloth ones, did you know??), and NO turning back once we've started.  My mom experienced great success with all of us girls so I'm going to get her to help me with it this summer.  We've been talking about "the day Cambria gets big girl underwear and goes poopy and pee-pee on the potty" so much, she's probably getting sick of it.  I can't imagine having only 1 in diapers again...it will be nice! 
Cambria was saying "poooooooooop, baby" in this picture.  She was very distraught about it, as you can tell.

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