Saturday, May 21, 2011

a graduation, a birthday, and the continuation of life as we know it

Today was a big day. 
My youngest sister Casey graduated from high school! 
Her graduation was nice, but it was hot. 
A warm auditorium filled with a few thousand people makes for a sticky experience. 
I'm glad I won't have one of those to go to again for a few years.
Casey looked beautiful and we were all proud of her.  
Congrats girl, I love you.
Casey in her cap and gown.
Having fun after the ceremony. 
Today my Dad celebrated his 54th birthday too! 
54 years of life..By golly that's something wonderful!
I love my Dad lots, so celebrating the day of his birth was nice. 
My mom surprised him with a trip to St. Augustine for next weekend.
They'll have a great time and I'm jealous! 
My parents are kid-free now....let the traveling begin!! :) 
We celebrated these two momentous occasions with a lunch/dinner at Mellow Mushroom. It was yums!
These are my parents, being goofy.
Beautiful couple right there!
Oh and I cannot forget that today (at precisely 6 p.m.) was supposed to be the "day of rapture"...
It most certainly wasn't. That man was wrong, again.
Once again, congratulations CASEY and happy birthday DADDY! 

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  1. I didn't "get" the title of your blog until I finished reading about "the rapture." The continuation of life as we know it.... hehe.