Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mama's Day

Today, on this Mother's Day, I want to commemorate all the amazing mothers out there.  
The mothers who act as the glue in their families, holding everything together.  
Because lets be honest, sometimes the dads just ain't got a clue ;) 
It's appropriate how motherhood begins with pregnancy, a journey that takes sacrifice, patience, understanding, and HARD WORK.   
Motherhood requires all these things, but especially the work part.  
Work that drains you of everything some days.  
Work that makes you cry, laugh, and beg beg beg for nap time.  
But you know, I would be lying if I didn't say that it's the best kind of work.  
The work of motherhood only makes you better, stronger and more appreciative of everything. 
It's work that makes you wonder how anything else in life could be as wonderful. 
Children are a gift.  
And motherhood is a gift.  
If you are so fortunate to still have your mother with you, thank her, she's done a lot.  
 And if you don''t, remember how blessed you are to have had the years with her that you did.

 Thanks,Mom!!! I love you LOTS
I credit my mothering skills mostly to my mom, such a wonderful example for me.
Ezra smiling at his Mimi, another strong mother in my life. 

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  1. What a touching blog. Thank you Brandie for being a wonderful daughter and an awesome mother to my grandchildren:)

    I love you