Monday, May 16, 2011

Ezra Amos is 3 months!

Being silly with Ezzy-Pooh while picking strawberries.
Ezra is 3 months old today.
In honor of this very special day, I made a list of 15 20 facts about the little guy.  
  1. He loves his big sister and loves to watch her play, especially when she's playing with her puzzles and books. 
  2. He had very dry, sensitive skin in the beginning of his life, but it's gotten much better in the last few weeks.  
  3. Ezra has the biggest smile.  If you see it in person, you cannot help but smile too.  
  4. He has lots of junk in the trunk from his diaper and I love it! 
  5. Recently, he's been spitting up A LOT.  This weekend he projectile vomited all over me and him and the floor in Target while I was in the toy section with Cambria.  I didn't have anything to wipe it up with so I just walked away.... 
  6. Ezra loves his mama so much that his love has caused a little flat spot on the right side of his head.  I sleep on the right side so he turns his face toward me at night when he sleeps and consequently his head is slightly flat on that side.  Kyle and I switched sides a few nights ago to try and correct the problem.  As soon as I made the switch so did he, which proves he loves me :)
  7. He loves to take a bath but will without fail, every single time, cry when his little wet butt touches the air.
  8. He's been an awesome sleeper since he was born and his most recent bedtime is 10 o'clock.
  9. Although he sleeps well at night, when home all day he sometimes only naps well while in his swing, so he takes many of his naps in it during the days. 
  10. He hasn't started reaching for toys just yet, but we can tell it's going to happen soon.
  11. Ezra eats whenever he wants and I don't care one bit.  Sometimes I feed his twice in an hour and sometimes he'll go 3 or 4 hours between feedings.  I love that we've worked out a little system of our own.    --------Side note: Breastfeeding this time around has been amazing, much different than with Cambria Sky.  
  12. Ezra has no crib, dresser, or furniture of his own.  
  13. Sometimes Ezra gets in a mood where he only wants to be held, and because he's not an only child, he sometimes has to cry for a minute or two when I put him down. 
  14. He has cradle cap and leaves little pieces or dry skin on our sheets and our clothes sometimes.  Most would think it's gross, but I think it's kinda cute. 
  15. Ezra has a sweet and gentle disposition.  He seems to take in the world without needing to express himself outwardly.  This fact makes him more like his daddy and less like me.  
  16. He has the most beautiful blue eyes that I just love to stare into.  
  17. His little naked self is the cutest of all. 
  18. He cries right when we put him in his car seat, but doesn't seem to mind it after a minute or so. 
  19. SO MANY people comment about how his hair has a "reddish tint" and some people think he actually looks like me.  
  20. Ezra is special to each member of our family and has most definitely changed our lives for the better.  We <3 him!  


  1. Brandie, this is so sweet! I love numbers 6 & 15 :) Particularly #15 because it reminded me how amazingly much of Andrew I see in Seeley- not just the way he looks, but the way he is. People are telling me he looks like me, now, and less like Andrew. Maybe little baby boys looks more like their mommies?

    He's getting so big, and that smile made me smile, 2,000 miles across the interwebs :)

  2. I also love #6! He is such a cutie pie, and I can't believe it's been so long since I've last seen him. Can't wait to see him this weekend!