Thursday, May 26, 2011

This Morning

Most mornings I walk into Cambria's room after I've heard her talking and singing on her monitor for a few minutes. The first thing she does EVERY morning, without fail, is make her "eat" sign. The girl is hungry when she wakes up!  I like to give her a little time to wake up and get her mind going. Sometimes I have Ezra in tow with me and sometimes he keeps snoozing a little longer than us.  This morning Cambria slept in until almost 10:30!!! We're a bit off schedule with everything we've been doing lately and she was up until almost 11:00 the night before watching the American Idol finale.  Anyway, this morning Ezra was up before Cam and I was able to have some one-on-one time with him.  Once we heard her we headed into her room and the three of us hung out for a little while before getting breakfast.  I took a few pictures and a video to capture the moment.  These precious mornings will pass all too quickly. 
Cambria's idea of playing is reading books.  She usually plays with very few of her toys.

Notice who Ezra is watching in both the photos. :) He <3's his big sis.

My pretty girl.

And my handsome man.

Baby feet.

Books, books, books.
Cambria is currently learning her letters.  She's in the early stages, but is really catching on fast.  This video is just precious.  The development of the human brain at this stage is absolutely amazing. Cambria will hear something once and remember it, it amazes me every single day. 

I was letting her "read" the book on her own and I was impressed by how many letters she said, even though she didn't identify many of them correctly.. :)

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  1. i hope that when i have children they love to read too. because that was my favorite activity (other than like barbie, of course. and ninja turtles)

    haha i see her making the "eat" sign. i giggled. what i used to do, when i was like 4, was go up to my dad and whisper in his ear "daddy i'm hungry" because i was scared my mom would get mad. it was after we ate dinner and i normally wanted strawberries with a little sugar as a treat for getting a "happy plate" (a clean plate).